If You Live in A Coral Reef Colour is Important

The world is amazingly colourful and we should all work together
to ensure that the diversity is continuing to blossom.

Almost alien music has found a perfect partner in the video below that is literally exploding with colours. The world of coral reefs is an exciting place but also a place filled with drama which is highlighted by the music.

The Italian filmmaker Sandro Bocci used time-lapse and high-magnification photography to capture almost all the 10 million colours that the human eye can see. The title  “Meanwhile” suggests that this explosion of colours and life is something that is happening right now.

Watch colourful corals such as red knob sea stars, Scolymia and Euphyllia stony coral, Fungia plate coral, Trachyphyllia and Symphyllia brain coral. You will also see maxima clams and a mix of zoanthids, including the aptly named alien-eye zoa.

Yet it is not the corals themselves are not colourful. Instead there are certain algae that live in their tissue and use pigment cells to brighten things up. The colours protect the corals from ultraviolet light and it plays a role in sexual selection. But colours are also important in a another way for life in the clear sunlight waters of coral reefs. Vision is important and animals use strong colours not only to attract partner but also to catch prey, hide and evade predators.  In more murky waters, animals rely on a wide range of nonvisual means of communication –  sound, smell, taste, and touch.

Enjoy the colour-explosion!



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