Could ONE Person Start a Environmental Revolution

Can you take a stand against pollution and inspire your friends?

One day Tommy Kleyn had enough and he decided to do something about it. He was tired of seeing litter along the bank of the river Schie in the Netherlands. Pollution is a global problem and we get used to seeing plastic bottles and rubbish everywhere. But few of us take the time to stop and pick it up.Tommy did just that and he brought a bag with him and started to pick up the trash.

It took Tommy 30 minutes to fill a garbage bag and although one bag less of trash is good, it does not really make any real impact when river banks are filled with litter. So the idea was born to bring friend and spend 30 minutes every day to clear the river banks of trash. Two bags later and Tommy and his friend could see a difference. Go here to see the transformation. The project was called Project Schone Schie (“schone” means clean in Dutch).

So 30 minutes can make a real impact. We can all spend 30 minutes on something important, can’t we? But what is needed to make us take the first crucial step? Everyday we see things and hear things. We might even get used to strong images such as in the video below.

The message in the video is important and if you, just like me, shred a tear, it means that you feel deeply enough. Perhaps some of us may feel deeply enough to take action.

There are lots of positive things that we can do. But we need to develop caring and “can do” attitudes. I suppose we all have to work on something and below is a list of things that could make a difference for not only our own well-being but also for the environment.

  • We  should strive towards acting like we are an organism, among many others, on the planet Terra. And we should feel secure in the knowledge that we are part of the universe.
  • We should understand, just like Tommy and his friends, that what we are doing to nature, we also doing towards ourselves.
  • We should consume less products and remember the main clause of thermodynamics – nothing is destroyed and everything spreads!
  • We should all understand that we are unique, and it is good to get to know yourself in a social context, but also develop confidence in solitude. Nature is the perfect place for quiet thoughtful observations.
  • We should dare to think for ourselves. And to be ourselves – after all everyone else is already taken.




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