A Trip to the Future – Hazmat Surfing and Change is Coming

Put on your hazmat suit and dive into the waves!

Predicting the future is never easy but imagining it can be both exciting and scary. The two videos below by Dyrland Productions paints a gloomy and sad vision. But they are great conversation starters and they do make you think about what can happen if we continue with the current trend. Theses two videos are like little provocations that makes people ask “why?” and “how?”. This opens up the door to  continue to discuss the consequences of our choices and behaviours.

Will we need a hazmat suit to protect ourselves from all the pollution in the water?

Michael Dryland got the inspiration for the hazmat suit after a visit to Los Angeles. One morning after the rain had cleared, he wanted to go surfing but his friends told him that no one surfs after it had rained. It seldom rains in Los Angeles and when it does all the sewage, garbage and oils runs right into the ocean. Billion of liters of rain runoff straight into the ocean. And it you surf in this water you can pick up all sort of diseases.

I know that several of our readers are passionate about winter sports and skiing.

Will we have to redesign our skis and snowboards so that they can cope with bare patches?

Let’s hope that this vision of the effects of mild winters does not become reality.

Raising awareness of possible effects about global climate change is important but it is equally important to spread the message that change can start with small things. We can all make a positive impact by changing our daily behaviour. Pick up some rubbish on the way home, gather some friends and spend time discussing things that you can do. After all, one person can start an environmental revolution.

A slightly different version of this blog post has been posted on Thinkibility.



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