Marine Plastic Nightmare

Lord Howe Island! A paradise island affected by plastic. It was and still is a dream destination. Though the dream is a bit shattered after seeing how the flesh-footed sheerwater populationis dwindling due to marine plastic being mistaken for food. Lord Howe Island is a World Heritage Site in the Tasman Sea between Australia and... Continue Reading →


The Role of Key Species

What roles do certain key species play in shaping their environment? Traditionally, the focus for conservationists have been on what species that are present in an ecosystem. But ecology is moving on from counting species to accounting for species. Some species play a very powerful role in the ecosystem. The function that a certain species... Continue Reading →

A world filled with contrasts. Imagine a meadow filled with roses!  Photo: By Gavin McWilliam The Savill Garden is an enclosed part of  Windsor Great Park in England. The garden was created in the 1930s by Eric Savill and you find woodland, ornamental areas with a range of different gardens such as the New Zealand... Continue Reading →

Are you taking sand for granted? It might be easy to overlook the beauty of sand, and it might also be easy to think that there is sand in abundance. Surely we, will never ever run out of the sand. But we are running out of these little gems. If you look at grains of... Continue Reading →

Research into the importance of nature for health started about 20-30 years ago. The environmental psychologists and couple Rachel and Stephen Kaplan from the US were pioneers and they showed that being in nature could have restorative as well as reconstructive effects. There was even evidence that an aquarium or pictures of nature in health... Continue Reading →

New Year and New Ideas One of the hallmarks of a creative approach to thinking is to re-examining and re-thinking your foundation. As it happened I stumble upon the insightful book, After Nature: A Politics for the Anthropocene by Jedediah Purdy on New Year's Eve. It provided  new angles that can be explored during this... Continue Reading →

“Clouds are thoughts without words." Mark Strand Clouds are constantly changing. merging, rising. falling and spreading. The same shape is rarely kept for more than a few minutes. Cloudy days may help of think more clearly. Perhaps the dancing clouds are inspiring our creative thoughts to merging and change, while the blue sky and sunshine... Continue Reading →

 How should we use the world’s stocks of natural assets which include geology, soil, air, water and all living things? If you spend too much of your money, you run the risk of bankruptcy. In a similar way, we run the risk of the collapse of local, regional and global ecosystem if we take out... Continue Reading →

In the animal world it seems that the impact of human activity is worse than the negative effects of radiation! This somewhat surprising conclusion can be drawn from a recent study of the effects that the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl have had on larger animals. Deer, elks, foxes and wild boars have settled on the... Continue Reading →

Looking at images of nature can improve our health and well-being. You may be aware of the calming influence that exposure to nature or gardens can have on our physical as well as psychological well-being. Exposure to nature can help to reduce anger, fear, and stress. We experience more positive feelings when we are in... Continue Reading →

Sense of Loss and Hopelessness Working with environmental issues and being aware of the changes that are occurring on our planet can be an inspiring process but it can also make a person feel depressed. Watching some of the damages and predict what the future will look like can leave a person with feelings of... Continue Reading →

Chinese journalist and mother Chai Jing documentary “Under the Dome,” captures the her experience as a concerned parent living in Beijing. The documentary investigates the sources of the  pollution and has revived enormous attention in China, where issues of smog has not until recently been widely discussed.  Part of the reason for the smog in... Continue Reading →

Sorting out what is truth from a lie is not always easy. If you put in the words solar system in your search engine, you  will get more or less the same models and depictions of our solar system.  Are these depictions true? Are they a good representation of our solar system? Or is there... Continue Reading →

Can you think of three things that are great about mushroom? Apart from being delicious to eat and an "unwelcome" intruder on the lawn, fungi could help us create new drugs and pesticides as well as pollution control. Also they could be used as famine relief since they could rapidly grow in disaster zones. Fungi... Continue Reading →

Put on your hazmat suit and dive into the waves! Predicting the future is never easy but imagining it can be both exciting and scary. The two videos below by Dyrland Productions paints a gloomy and sad vision. But they are great conversation starters and they do make you think about what can happen if... Continue Reading →

Colder nights and hedgehogs need to gain weight. When Autumn arrives, the natural food that hedgehogs like are getting  harder to find. We can help these charming creatures by supplementing their natural diet by leaving out some food. You can give hedgehogs foods like minced meat, tinned dog or cat food (chicken or rabbit flavour,... Continue Reading →

  Do you see tree-lined streets and hear birds singing when close your eyes and imagine your ideal home and ideal city? People tend to describe the same things when asked to imagine their favourite place. The question is how to get from this image to reality. Simply adding natural elements like trees into urban... Continue Reading →

Air pollution is not only an urban phenomenon in industrial countries.   The problems have spread and it is influencing our health. Today, more than a billion people live in communities were the air quality is so bad that it does not meet World' Health Organization's standards. A wide range of technological solution have been... Continue Reading →

 What traditions are important to you? And when do you need to reevaluate traditions? Robins are one of the most loved British birds, the tiny beautiful garden bird, who loves to follow you around and inspect newly-turned soil. The striking red breast and face and brown head and wigs. A robin plays a vital part... Continue Reading →

Where does all the rubbish we throw into the water end up? Close your eyes and think of the word "garbage patch". What did you see? Perhaps an island of trash floating in the ocean consisting of plastic bags and bottles. Yet,  garbage patches consist of tiny micro-particles and cannot be seen by the naked... Continue Reading →

A Wonderful Discovery made by  a Robot! Robots have a bit of a bad reputation but thanks to new advanced technology a coral reef with beautiful  corals, mind-blowing sponge gardens, and colourful fish has been found. The coral reef lies in the waters outside Melbourne in Wilsons Promontory Marine National Park. The footage of the... Continue Reading →

Can you take a stand against pollution and inspire your friends? One day Tommy Kleyn had enough and he decided to do something about it. He was tired of seeing litter along the bank of the river Schie in the Netherlands. Pollution is a global problem and we get used to seeing plastic bottles and rubbish... Continue Reading →

Shoes, handbags and accessories. Leather might look good but the tanning process is toxic and uses chrome that is dangerous to the environment. Today, it is possible to create ecological leather and companies such as BMW uses it for the cars' interior. A new method  has been developed which uses olive leaves to tan leather.... Continue Reading →

The world is amazingly colourful and we should all work together to ensure that the diversity is continuing to blossom. Almost alien music has found a perfect partner in the video below that is literally exploding with colours. The world of coral reefs is an exciting place but also a place filled with drama which... Continue Reading →

A sense of awe, a search for new ideas, and a deep sadness. It is easy to be obsessed by the beauty of waterlilies. The last 30 years of the painter Claude Monet's life were dominated by his water lilies. This love and obsession lead to around 250 oil paintings, some were small, while others... Continue Reading →

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