The sight and sound of bumblebees is a quintessential part of summer. How many different species of bumblebees can you recognize? Bumblebees are built for spending their days in colder climates. Their bodies are covered in hair and they are more robust than honeybees and solitary bees. Much media attention has focused on the honeybee-decline... Continue Reading →


Why, oh, why do we waste so much? I love this bright colourful sculpture. Yes, it ticks all the boxes for eye candy but this sculpture is also a treat for the brain and the environmentally conscience part of me. A sculpture that makes me stop, think and reflect. So what is it? Well, this... Continue Reading →

Why would an animal develop an enlarged nose that hangs over the mouth? The Saiga antelope have a distinctive appearance that reminds me of a fairytale animal like the unicorn or a Dr Who inspired mask. Yet there is always a reasons behind the way an animal develop, and the large humped nose can flex... Continue Reading →

I love travelling around the globe in my mind. The Internet is a treasure trove filled with amazing videos and photos. The magic mouse takes me to mind-boggling, weird, strange and wonderful websites and blogs. Yet nature at your doorstep can be equally inspiring. Went for a long walk yesterday and saw two mallards sailing... Continue Reading →

Everyday is Earth Day! Yet there is no harm in reflecting a bit extra on our planet. Listen to Jane Goodall's message and if you can go outside and take a deep breath and marvel. Trees, shrubs, birds, beetles. . . we all share earth. Our lives would be less wonderful without any of the... Continue Reading →

Have you heard of  Alfred Russell Wallace? Many  of us are familiar have with Charles Darwin and the theory about natural selection. When this theory was presented equal credit was given to Wallace and Darwin but some people do not live on in history books. A stunning paper-puppet animated video by Flora Lichtman and Sharon... Continue Reading →

1,5 billions cows, 1 billion pigs and 20 billion chickens would escape. But what would happened next? Take a moment to think about what would happen and then watch this brilliant video from AsapSCIENCE. Animals would escape and roam free, roads would become rivers. In a couple of hundred years everything will more or less return... Continue Reading →

Slow Flower Movement Choices are tricky. Which bouquet is the best choice for the environment? Weighing pros and cons are difficult and although it makes logical sense to buy locally grown flowers from the super market instead of a bouquet flown across the world. The choice is not that straightforward. Flowers grown in Africa  and... Continue Reading →

I like the sound of moon sand. It sounds somehow more exciting than sand. Lunar sand is fascinating. Just imagine sand that does not change since there is little erosion due to lack of  water and atmosphere on the Moon. It is tempting to think of sand on the beach as simple sand. But if... Continue Reading →

- Fun shapes, exquisite colours and job opportunities for people who collect bottles. The first thought that rushes through your head is 'wow' and then you think about the waste. Aurora Robinson creates awareness about waste in the most beautiful way. She even uses waste collected at the firms that have commissioned her to do... Continue Reading →

8 Million Tons! Coastal communities dump around 8 millions tons of plastic waste into the oceans (figure from 2010). To deal with this mountain of waste new ideas are needed. Scientists estimate that the number could double in the next decade unless we change the way we use plastic in our daily life and the... Continue Reading →

It is easy to judge something by its appearance! Jellyfish look like mindless mere drifters. Mesmerizing and graceful drifters but nevertheless they just go with the flow. . . or maybe not. . . New research from Australia has found that the barrel jellyfish can not only detect the direction of ocean currents, but also... Continue Reading →

Can zoos help protect animals from total destruction? Many animals around the world face extinction mainly due to loss of habitat. Climate changes also affects several species such as the polar bears. In Germany, a polar bear born at Berlin zoo, Knut, attracted lots of attention. An autopsy—the most thorough ever done on an animal... Continue Reading →

Strikingly beautiful - Madagascar has an incredible amphibian diversity. All over the world amphibians are facing serious extinctions and the wonderful diversity on the fourth largest island on Earth, Madagascar, is threatened. The majority of frogs of Madagascar are found in the rainforest, and frogs are the only amphibians found on the island. At the... Continue Reading →

Want your own mini-planet? German photographer Jonas Ginter awesome 360° timelapse video might just be the answer. This short video  morphs a simple bike path into a panoramic, spherical world. Cool hip-hop beats in the background creates a relaxed atmosphere. Jonas spent two years to figure out how to create the effects he wanted. The... Continue Reading →

"I'm not gonna just do it half, I'm gonna do it all the way" Below is a video from a restaurant in Chicago that makes zero waste. Justin Vrany's idea from the start was not to do anything by half. He was determined to show other restaurants that this can work. Food waste in resturants... Continue Reading →

Noisy and  cheerful, the house sparrow has live alongside humans since the Stone Age.  The pale brown and grey females and the males with brighter black, white, and brown markings have managed to colonise most parts of the world. I remember the garden being filled with house sparrows and the visiting blue tits or bullfinches... Continue Reading →

Thinking in 3D! With the help of the robot SeaBed scientists from the UK, USA and Australia analysed an area of Antarctic ice spanning 500,000 metres squared.  Previously 3D mapping  could not be used in inaccessible areas of the Antarctic but the  robot has help to enhance our understanding of this icy wilderness. “Sea ice... Continue Reading →

Sly as a Fox. Cunning as a Fox! Crazy like a Fox. Like the Fox guarding the chicken coop. Foxes has made a success of living with people. They have an enormous ability to adapt to different conditions. In the UK, the public opinion of foxes varies widely. Many people welcome the colourful animal into... Continue Reading →

Clean air, wild and untouched nature - Svalbard has a unique cultural heritage with distinct plant life and animal species that only live here on this string of Arctic islands. To protect and preserve such beautiful yet fragile nature is tricky. To raise money, everyone who comes to Svalbard must pay an environmental fee. The... Continue Reading →

An edible forest produces a ton of food! Graham Bell has together with his wife Nancy created a permaculture food forest over the course of 25 years in the north of Britain on the Scottish Borders. The garden is around 0.1 of an hectare (0.2 of an acre). Fertility is created within the garden apart... Continue Reading →

Seven years of waiting! It was one of those animals, I really wanted to see in the wild. But despite spending early mornings walking up to a creek in Queensland's rainforest where the egg-laying mammal had previously been spotted, I was unlucky. I looked and looked for a trail of bubbles and concentric rings on... Continue Reading →

Imagine that you would design an art installation involving plants and/or animals where you live. What plants and animals would you use and invite to take part? What issue would you like to raise awareness about? I like the Monkey Eco Art approach to raise awareness of one of the most bio-diverse places on Earth,... Continue Reading →

"Leaderships need to understand how they’re perceived by their populations to ensure they’re held accountable for their efforts or lack thereof around climate change.”Jeremy Tamanini Make a mental list of what you think are the greenest countries in the world and then compare your list with the list published by Dual Citizen LLC. The Global Green... Continue Reading →

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