Shape Matters! What if we could transform our thinking and use less material and more clever shapes? What if we could build things of whatever flies around like a spider ? Photo Greenstone Girl All spiders produce silk but not all spiders use it to produce webs. Different spices of web-building spiders spin different patterns.... Continue Reading →


Tanking sunshine and surfing on waves. Photo: By Alpsdake (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (,via Wikimedia Commons The political climate in the UK has been tumultuous the last weeks and today the new Prime Minister Theresa May decided to abolish the Department for Energy and Climate Change. Worrying sign! I had hoped that she would... Continue Reading →

What exists in nature today, is the result of survival and modifications that have been carried out for billions of years. Hidden in  shells, birds' feathers, and pussy willows are the secret to survival. The secret to survival by trying to dazzle, surprise, and constantly adapting. Biomimicry is the shift in perspective from an approach... Continue Reading →

New Year and New Ideas One of the hallmarks of a creative approach to thinking is to re-examining and re-thinking your foundation. As it happened I stumble upon the insightful book, After Nature: A Politics for the Anthropocene by Jedediah Purdy on New Year's Eve. It provided  new angles that can be explored during this... Continue Reading →

Gold Rings signify a Promise - the promise not to court anyone else. On the Fifth day of Christmas my true love sent to me Five Gold Rings Four Calling Birds Three French Hens Two Turtle Doves and a Partridge in a Pear Tree. Modern Christmas Ornaments by San Francisco Furniture & Accessories Pottery Barn... Continue Reading →

A giant bug's shell, an oval-shaped beehive and a twisted construction. In nature, it is vital to construct system that are efficient and to prevent waste.  The principle "less is more" is often used to ensure that materials are used in the best possible way.  Students at The School of Architecture at Saarland University in... Continue Reading →

All living systems move. Yet cars during the morning rush hour stand still. Smart mobility solutions are needed to cater for the ever-rising number of people who will live in urban areas. But how can we ensure that we do not sacrifice biodiversity nor human well-being? By 2015, around 70 per cent of the world's... Continue Reading →

Biomimicry is an approach where you study nature to gain inspiration and ideas. The aim is not to copy nature and this approach would never work. The idea that the underlying idea with biomimcry is to copy nature can be seen in this quote: "Nature's been doing it right since the beginning of time. We're... Continue Reading →

How can we create a long-term, sustainable world? Janine Benyus is a biologist, natural science writer, innovation consultant, and author of several books such as Biomimicry. She is one of the most important voices that are encouraging designer and engineers to look at nature for solutions. Looking deeply into how nature has developed throughout  centuries... Continue Reading →

Money and Nature are often regarded as Opposites. But can investors learn from nature? And can this approach be beneficial to nature? After a career in traditional equity management Katherine Collins turned into studying the natural world as a source of inspiration guide for investing in ways that are valuable and beneficial to our planet.... Continue Reading →

The falling leaves drift by the windows. The autumn leaves are red, gold, orange, pink and maroon. It is understandable that we become more aware of leaves during autumn. The changes that occurs in autumn leaf colour affects deciduous trees and shrubs. The phenomenon affects normally green leaves and green leaves are green because of... Continue Reading →

How does biological systems create form by varying growth rates through space and time? Lots of details may escape our eyes when we look at nature, but with the help of technology we can today dive into and explore nature in new exciting ways. And exploring growing systems can lead to the most wonderful creations... Continue Reading →

What if you could create healthy microclimates outdoors as well as indoors? In a previous blog post about air pollution, the need for new ideas was explored. So could a personal drone be part of the solution? Inspired by one of the most mysterious creatures a way to purify air was suggested as an entry... Continue Reading →

Do you remember  Lyra Belaqua and her dæmon is Pantalaimon in the novel "Northern Lights"?   Varroa mites are large in comparison to the honey. And the mite is just like having a monkey on back all the time, just like Lyra had a Pantalaimon In the 1950s the varroa mite jumped species from the... Continue Reading →

 Can you imagine a city built like a fairy ring? What would be the advantages? Any disadvantages? Does it feel like jumping into another world when you imagine using fairy rings as inspiration? Surely there must be better approaches. . . Often designers and architects find inspiration in design books, yet studying fungi may provide... Continue Reading →

Bioinspiration and bioluminescent Fungi

What sort of ideas might a walk over a glowing blanket of fungi inspire? Many of us might be familiar with the glowing fireflies that light up warm summer evenings. And the biology of  bioluminescence in fireflies has been studied for years. But other animals and plants may also emit light. Bioluminescent fungi are fantastic... Continue Reading →

Creative minds are studying trees for inspiration. Trees have developed various ways to survive natural disasters. Studying these ways to deal with hurricanes, storms and lack of water may provide new insights and ideas that can be used to design houses and build infrastructures. When Hurricane Katrina ripped through New Orleans and the Gulf Coast... Continue Reading →

To carry something heavy together is tricky. How would you coordinate the efforts to avoid inefficient tug-of-wars? Have you ever moved furniture around and ending up wondering why it is so difficult to lift something at the same time and simply carry it down the stairs? Well, it seems like collectively carrying a large load... Continue Reading →

What is happening in the middle of a whirlpool? Naturally-occurring whirlpools may look all innocent. But the video below filmed near the banks of the Daugava River in Dviete, Latvia tells a different story. Mesmerizing, beautiful and terrifying. This  "Amazing Monstrous Whirlpool" swallows larger and larger chunks of ice, twigs and debris. But where does... Continue Reading →

How does a bumblebee fly loaded with pollen strapped to their legs? Bumblebees drink nectar and store it in their abdomen while the pollen is stored in "pollen baskets" on the bee's back legs. The pollen are surrounded by stiff hairs which ensure that the bee do not lose the pollen during flight.  But exactly... Continue Reading →

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