Seeing possibilities and opportunities in weeds. Gunter Pauli  manages the difficult task to combine science, business, sustainability, and ethics. He is the initiator of  Blue Economy where the main idea is value should be created with what is locally available. He says that”Doing less bad – is not good“ and a change in the way we... Continue Reading →


Imagine the weight of 14 cruise ships. Zero waste fashion is the goal for tonlé, an ethical fashion brand in Cambodia. The average waste from a textile factory can be 40 per cent. tonlé leaves 2 to 3 percent waste - not quite zero but almost. Creativity and determination to use piles of factory scrap... Continue Reading →

Recycling is great! And recycled paper can be used to create the most stunning artwork. I love these paper insects created by Belgium-based ad agency Soon for paper company IGEPA Benelux. The colourful critters will be used in a brochure advertising a new line of recycled paper. But even if I adore these insects, I... Continue Reading →

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