Imagine a Mammoth – Permafrost and Resurrection of Animals

Can resurrected mammoths save the climate? Thawing permafrost could push the Earth's climate past a tipping point. This is something that is largely ignored by politicians who has a habit of ignoring something until the situation has developed into a crisis. The Arctic permafrost is melting faster than scientists previously thought and the melting permafrost... Continue Reading →

Fluorescence in chameleons

Chameleons glow-in-the-dark! Chameleons' shift the colours and patterns of their skin to hide from predators or to communicate with other chameleons. Apart from their colourful display their bones also fluoresce through their skin. A glow-in-the-dark pattern is created particularly on their heads and faces. Chameleons are among the first known scaled repiles that display and... Continue Reading →

Does the understanding that we have helped to cause previous mass extinctions help us to become less nonchalant about our role in the present wave of mass extinction? During the last million of years, our planet has experienced several cycles of cooling and warming. Unlike the relatively stable conditions the Earth has experienced the last... Continue Reading →

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