Imagine a Mammoth – Permafrost and Resurrection of Animals

Can resurrected mammoths save the climate? Thawing permafrost could push the Earth's climate past a tipping point. This is something that is largely ignored by politicians who has a habit of ignoring something until the situation has developed into a crisis. The Arctic permafrost is melting faster than scientists previously thought and the melting permafrost... Continue Reading →


Envisioning Eco-Topia

What is your vision of the future? What actions are necessary to fulfil the vision? What approach is necessary to guide and motivate the action? The idea with envisioning the future is not to create a fixed vision and spend time working towards manifesting that particular vision. Although this approach can sometimes be used by... Continue Reading →

Why would you want to redesign a tree? The Belgian architect Luc Schuiten uses biomimicry as an underlying approach to rethink the way we build cities.  Inspired by nature he transforms urban cities into living breathing organisms - vegetal cities. He suggests in the TEDx Nantes talk below that trees already have a great structures... Continue Reading →

Would you like the power to grow environmentally symbiotic products? Biologist Aakriti Jain and industrial designer Guillian Graves are working together to create a machine the can turn cellulose into everyday consumer products. A bacteria and yeast micro-factory that can enable you to grow your own products at home. Growduce - is a vision of the... Continue Reading →

 An incubator that transforms plastic waste into mushroom. Sounds incredible! Food production in the future might look like utopia! Fungi growing on sterilized plastic waste sounds like a wild and crazy idea. The Fungi Mutarium is a prototype to grow fungi around recycled plastic wastes, breaking down and digesting the material as it develops. A... Continue Reading →

A positive approach to climate change - forecast your own fate on a changing planet. Thinking about future is a step towards taking action and also a way to adapt towards the changes. Exploring the future highlights difficult choices that we may face. Yet it is important not to adopt a negative attitude, rather a... Continue Reading →

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