How to Get People to Care About Sustainability

What makes you care about something? Making environmental issues relevant is one key to change. But it is hard to get people to care enough to change. Getting people to care is hard and getting them to change behaviour is even harder. So hard! People tend to care about issues close to their daily lives... Continue Reading →

"Turn your face toward the sun and the shadows will fall behind you.” Māori Proverb As we turn our backs on nature, we lose our natural source of happiness. The last couple of months, I have spent little time walking in nature. Lots of reason. Therefore it was wonderful to return and to walk into... Continue Reading →

Isaac Asimov, the science fiction novelists, reportedly once said that *The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the once that heralds new discoveries, is not "Eureka!" but "That's funny!" The theme in this blogpost is "That's beautiful!" Beauty can be a great inspiration and a powerful motivator.  In the last years several articles have... Continue Reading →

”When I gaze at a sunset sky and spend hours contemplating its marvellous ever-changing beauty, an extraordinary emotion overwhelms me. Nature in all its vastness is truthfully reflected in my sincere though feeble soul. Around me are the trees stretching up their branches to the skies, the perfumed flowers gladdening the meadow, the gentle grass-carpetted... Continue Reading →

Ice circles are a rare and beautiful looking as well as sounding phenomenon. The ice circles in the photos are from Sävar in the northern part of Sweden.  The circles look perfect as if they have been made by a ceramist. If you listen you can hear the sound of the river or the sea... Continue Reading →

The October air is raw and filled with goodbyes. Goodbye green leaves and warm summer evenings. Reluctantly I say welcome to spicy scent of colourful leaves and the shy October light. The forest is coming to a standstill and animals are preparing for the colder weather. Autumn is a busy time for many animals as... Continue Reading →

How far would you travel to see a cloud? And what would you see? Gavin Pretor-Pinney  travelled halfway across the world to the middle of nowhere to see the morning glory. From the English countryside to the Australian outback. Morning glory is a spectacular cloud that looks like elongated cotton tubes. The cloud stretches horizontally... Continue Reading →

Roofs can be transformed into a buzzing meadow! Mosses and lichens will grow naturally on most roofs, but a green roof is intentionally designed to support various grasses and flowers. Green roofs can provide a wonderful place for local wildlife. Green roofs are of course an old tradition. Below is a photo of a traditional... Continue Reading →

A world filled with contrasts. Imagine a meadow filled with roses!  Photo: By Gavin McWilliam The Savill Garden is an enclosed part of  Windsor Great Park in England. The garden was created in the 1930s by Eric Savill and you find woodland, ornamental areas with a range of different gardens such as the New Zealand... Continue Reading →

What is the function of stress in nature? Flickr Lobster by phalinn ooi If you look the lobster, you see that it has a soft body inside a shell. The shell, which is rigid,  becomes very confining as the lobster grows. So what does the lobster do? Well, it goes away and hides under a... Continue Reading →

“A metamorphosis... The shining butterfly of the soul from the pupa of the body. Larva, pupa, imago. An image of art.” A.S. Byatt And just like the caterpillar transforms itself to chrysalis to emerging adult, let us grow into something shining and beautiful. Let us fill our heads with new ideas and inspiring thoughts to... Continue Reading →

“If you get used to it, it becomes normal. Now I don’t think about it. It’s become natural to separate the trash correctly.” Have good are you at recycling? Can you differentiate between different types of plastic? And do you always thoroughly clean out the bottles? The Japanese town of Kamikatsu  has a population of... Continue Reading →

Cold winter nights, light summer nights and a sense of silence. Silence is rare thing in many parts of the world. I went for a long walk the other day and half the walk was marvellous, a few cars and I could hear my own thoughts and enjoy the sounds of a few brave winter... Continue Reading →

What do you get if you combine flat pack furniture with urban agriculture? The flat pack farm combines the latest technologies and food production methods with contemporary smart design.  Mikkel Kjaer and Ronnie Markussen run Human Habitat, a Danish “urban design lab” and the Pop Up  Farm is their solution to problems such as empty,... Continue Reading →

Hornavan is a stunningly beautiful lake located in Arjeplog municipality where there are 8 727 lakes and rivers. Sweden's most water-rich municipality and each person living here has almost three lakes all to him or herself, around 2900 people are living in Arjeplog. Yet the number of lakes is not as important as the beauty of... Continue Reading →

Love this timelapse video of a Copenhagen intersection at rush hour by Jim Salde. There are cars but the number of people riding bikes are striking. Cycling is a fast way to get from A to B in a city, a great way to exercise, and saving money. And of course the more bicycles there... Continue Reading →

Beautiful bubbles pass upwards at different speed. Poetic beauty to help you forget about time. Everyone knows what time is! It is ticking away at a steady pace. We are somewhat obsessed with measuring time and modern devices has provided us with tools that are more accurate time keepers than the passing of season and... Continue Reading →

Wonderful videos that captures different sides of autumn. The first two by Bodo Klein capture the spectacular colourful spirit of autumn. The last video by Bart van der Gaag paints another picture of autumn. Calmness and fog. Breathtaking. Herbstliche Impressionen (Autumnal Impressions) Part I from Bodo Klein on Vimeo. Herbstliche Impressionen (Autumnal Impressions) Part II... Continue Reading →

Sense of Loss and Hopelessness Working with environmental issues and being aware of the changes that are occurring on our planet can be an inspiring process but it can also make a person feel depressed. Watching some of the damages and predict what the future will look like can leave a person with feelings of... Continue Reading →

The falling leaves drift by the windows. The autumn leaves are red, gold, orange, pink and maroon. It is understandable that we become more aware of leaves during autumn. The changes that occurs in autumn leaf colour affects deciduous trees and shrubs. The phenomenon affects normally green leaves and green leaves are green because of... Continue Reading →

How does biological systems create form by varying growth rates through space and time? Lots of details may escape our eyes when we look at nature, but with the help of technology we can today dive into and explore nature in new exciting ways. And exploring growing systems can lead to the most wonderful creations... Continue Reading →

Not so often, but sometimes it does happen that the sea comes to rest even during the day. Then you have to quietly seize the moment by magically gliding onto the sleeping dragon's back and feel the heavy breathing through the almost imperceptible swell. Amie   Save

Timelapse Video of Uluru Stars

1) Amber, the Color 2) The Stars 3) अम्बर meaning Sky( in Hindi) Kartikeya Sharma spent dozens of nights to create the time-lapse video of Uluru in Australia. This rock formation is powerful and it really comes alive from the distance. Watching the land and Uluru glow in various amber shades at sunrise or sunset... Continue Reading →

“In the end, the odyssey is about the journey and its experiences rather than about the destination.” Iceland is a magical place and the time-lapse video by Henry Jun Wah Lee captures the mountains, glacial rivers and the midnight sun. In Odyssey 4K, you are transported to a landscape sparkling in hues of pink, orange, and purple.... Continue Reading →

Can you take a stand against pollution and inspire your friends? One day Tommy Kleyn had enough and he decided to do something about it. He was tired of seeing litter along the bank of the river Schie in the Netherlands. Pollution is a global problem and we get used to seeing plastic bottles and rubbish... Continue Reading →

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