The sphere of thought

The sphere of thought (spoken) Who are you listening to my thoughts, who sat down for a moment and followed into the birthplace of the sphere of thoughts. Fascinated by the place created in a world of complex signals that emerge through self-directed resonance. Talking about, interpreting and conveying the uniqueness of this immaculately beautiful,... Continue Reading →


Autumn Colourful, bright adorable, who completed your mission as a life-giver. Now you send the message of peace and recovery, a necessity from the expectation of the soul. After summer's wild affirmations when life and breath were gasping, follows a time for reflection, when we gather wisdom and tranquility. In the glow of light's limitation... Continue Reading →

The sensual in the eye's mysteries, signals and draws complexity from within. The message in the gazes is the body's response, the brain's interpretation of each and every one of us. Feelings flowing through the purposeful momentum, it cannot hide its direction. A way to communicate at a high level, what our inside wants and... Continue Reading →

Freedom You fly with the wind beyond infinity Under the wings breathe freedom To see you flying gives strength and courage In this quiet moment A gift you gave to me, to bring my dreams close And to teach the beauty of the freedom Amie Save

Dazzled by old feelings, I searched in the darkness for a glimmer of light. Like a blind woman, listening, trying, I created an image of reality. A beautiful, colourful, bubbling healthy dream, just the way only an illusion can be. It does not exist and does not physically touch me, but still so close. In... Continue Reading →

  The drops is hiding in the rain, but the rain sees the drops. The colours is hiding in the rainbow, but the rainbow sees the colours. The tree are hiding in the forest, but the forest sees the tree. The word is hiding in the language, but the language sees the word. So, how... Continue Reading →

The logo for the blog Blue Think Dive is a damselfly, the beautiful demoiselle (Calopteryx virgo), petite libellule bleue in French. This image was chosen partly because of the intense blue colour, which was perfect considering the name of the blog but also because of a deep fascination with damselflies and dragonflies. These remarkable insects... Continue Reading →

Nature is my role model. It soothes and heals and provides ultimate love. Giving without asking for anything in return. When someone or something makes me feel love, I try to live after the lessons that Nature has taught me. Sharing and helping others. You'll get it back when you least expect it.   Save

Thrilled to welcome my friend Ann-Margrethe, who shares among other things, my passion for nature and the environment. She will be sharing her photos and poems. Ann-Margrethe, lives in the northern part of Sweden, has been photographing, particularly birds, for many years. Also she loves kayaking and poetry. She grow upon in a small place... Continue Reading →

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