Imagine a Mammoth – Permafrost and Resurrection of Animals

Can resurrected mammoths save the climate? Thawing permafrost could push the Earth's climate past a tipping point. This is something that is largely ignored by politicians who has a habit of ignoring something until the situation has developed into a crisis. The Arctic permafrost is melting faster than scientists previously thought and the melting permafrost... Continue Reading →


Spiraling Economy

This post contains adlinks. It is easy to view the economy as something that is directed by politicians and big companies. But the economy also a reflection on who and where we are as people. Economy tells as about our inner workings and values. The concept cirucular economy has been evoling for years but there... Continue Reading →

Envisioning Eco-Topia

What is your vision of the future? What actions are necessary to fulfil the vision? What approach is necessary to guide and motivate the action? The idea with envisioning the future is not to create a fixed vision and spend time working towards manifesting that particular vision. Although this approach can sometimes be used by... Continue Reading →

Superfood of the Future – The Algae Dome

Is it possible to sustinable produce food while solving environmental problems? Algae Dome is a four-meter-tall  food-producing building. The dome is powered by solar energy and it pumps out oxygen in a closed-loop system. A major source of greenhouse gas emissions come from industrial agriculture but now wonderful new ideas are emerging that will help... Continue Reading →

Fill your eyes with all the stunning colours and natural splendour. Take deep breathe and smell the white sand and crystalline water. Then think about how far you would go to save this. A visit to the  Great Barrier Reef is a life-changing experience. One of the natural wonders of the world. Photo By Ciambue... Continue Reading →

Creating a closed loop economy for the fashion industry! An industry where the textiles are biodegradable and also serve as nutrients for future textiles and products. Biodesign is an exciting approach to design and fabrication. The term refers to the incorporation of living organism as essential components in design. The underlying idea is that the... Continue Reading →

Vultures are nature's trash collectors and now they are helping Lima to spot human litterbugs. Lima is a city filled with black vultures or gallinazos. The black rather big birds can be seen perched on the most iconic building in Lima. Just like pigeon remind humans in many cities of aspects that we would rather... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the second challenge. A challenge filled with a dollop of fun, a spoon of seriousness and an ocean of thinkibility. And yes, if the introduction sounds familiar, you are right. This challenge is about repetition. On the Second day of Christmas my true love sent to me Two Turtle Doves and a Partridge... Continue Reading →

Sense of Loss and Hopelessness Working with environmental issues and being aware of the changes that are occurring on our planet can be an inspiring process but it can also make a person feel depressed. Watching some of the damages and predict what the future will look like can leave a person with feelings of... Continue Reading →

An underlying assumption in today’s legal systems is that nature is a property and humans and corporations are seen as its property holders. Every year, animals and nature are exposed to injustices as a result of human "progress" and "development". What if animals and nature had rights? Does it sound like a weird or perhaps... Continue Reading →

The falling leaves drift by the windows. The autumn leaves are red, gold, orange, pink and maroon. It is understandable that we become more aware of leaves during autumn. The changes that occurs in autumn leaf colour affects deciduous trees and shrubs. The phenomenon affects normally green leaves and green leaves are green because of... Continue Reading →

A Water Drop is the most beautiful thing! Ooho! by Skipping Rocks Lab is made from seaweed and the spherical drop-like water container is strong, hygienic and biodegradable. Best of all this water drop is so good that you can eat it! Ooho is make from calcium chloride and a seaweed derivative called sodium alginate.... Continue Reading →

  Do you see tree-lined streets and hear birds singing when close your eyes and imagine your ideal home and ideal city? People tend to describe the same things when asked to imagine their favourite place. The question is how to get from this image to reality. Simply adding natural elements like trees into urban... Continue Reading →

"I'm tired of waiting for policies." "I want to fix things now" Daan Roosegaarde In many parts of the world,  filling your lungs with fresh clean air is a luxury. It is easy to ignore invisible things. Yet invisible things can have a huge impact on our health and well-being. Visible air pollutants like coal... Continue Reading →

Coffee is part of life in many offices and homes and just smelling coffee may help you feel less stressed.  The dark elixir "help"  many people to wake up in the morning, yet the health advantages and disadvantages  may be debated. However, coffee is not only a something that we drink, a more sustainable approach... Continue Reading →

Do you remember  Lyra Belaqua and her dæmon is Pantalaimon in the novel "Northern Lights"?   Varroa mites are large in comparison to the honey. And the mite is just like having a monkey on back all the time, just like Lyra had a Pantalaimon In the 1950s the varroa mite jumped species from the... Continue Reading →

Sometimes what you are looking for simply does not exist! And sometimes you do not even want things to exist. Well, at least not until after you have worn them for a looong time. The search for work-wear for employees that were tough, sustainably produced and compostable material made in Europe lead to the development... Continue Reading →

Going around in circles is common in heavy fog. And cranes might be flying around in circles in fog. Observations of sandhill cranes made in heavy fog showed that they went in circles rather than straight lines. The cranes were going to the night roost to reach foraging areas and the cranes flew cautiously and... Continue Reading →

Glasswinged butterflies have transparent wings that are almost entirely free of light reflections. Scientists have recreated the structure of the glass, which is shown to have additional benefits that could be used to put an end to difficulties reading emails on a sunny day. The wings are almost completely glare-free regardless of the incident angle... Continue Reading →

What is happening in the middle of a whirlpool? Naturally-occurring whirlpools may look all innocent. But the video below filmed near the banks of the Daugava River in Dviete, Latvia tells a different story. Mesmerizing, beautiful and terrifying. This  "Amazing Monstrous Whirlpool" swallows larger and larger chunks of ice, twigs and debris. But where does... Continue Reading →

How does a wrinkle start? And is a slave farm of slug  a good idea to minimize the use of formaldehyde to prevent wrinkles on your trousers? We have a design problem. But the good news is that nature has solved most of the design problems that we have today. And ideas for creating wrinkle... Continue Reading →

Take a shopping bag made from overripe nectarines and fill it with powdering food that is on the verge of being thrown out. Two different approaches to two waste - both brilliant! Rethinking the way we waste products is becoming more and more popular. New ideas may not only lead to new products but also... Continue Reading →

Why would you want to redesign a tree? The Belgian architect Luc Schuiten uses biomimicry as an underlying approach to rethink the way we build cities.  Inspired by nature he transforms urban cities into living breathing organisms - vegetal cities. He suggests in the TEDx Nantes talk below that trees already have a great structures... Continue Reading →

Can you put a price on something like the ocean? The World Wildlife Fund has calculated a monetary value on our ocean in the report, Reviving the Ocean Economy: The case for action—2015. The sum 15.55 trillion GBP (or $24 trillion) may sound enormous, it puts the ocean as the seventh largest economy in the... Continue Reading →

How would you rate the Greenroad-worthiness of the roads in your local area? We try to make our houses eco-friendlier so why not extend the concept to our roads? The  say that several aspects of how we design our roads can be more eco-friendly by utilizing existing knowledge and available technology.We can also learn... Continue Reading →

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