Imagine a world filled with tall mosses.  Mosses is part of the autumn. A cloud of mist and fog transport you to an ancient world of simplicity, a mossworld of mystery and possibilities. The miniature mossworld invites you to slow down and bend down. To breath slowly and to escape into the wilderness. Marvel at... Continue Reading →


"Turn your face toward the sun and the shadows will fall behind you.” Māori Proverb As we turn our backs on nature, we lose our natural source of happiness. The last couple of months, I have spent little time walking in nature. Lots of reason. Therefore it was wonderful to return and to walk into... Continue Reading →

Think of the word Forest bathing. What do you imagine? What images flash through your mind? What feelings vibrate in your body? Then think of the word Environment and explore the images and feelings. The words we use to express our ideas, emotions and thoughts are not neutral. Our language is not innocent rather it... Continue Reading →

Bird feathers are evolutionary wonders. “As the saying goes in architecture, ‘form follows function,’ but when it comes to feathers I would say if form follows function, then beauty follows form." The book Feathers: Displays of Brilliant Plumage by Robert Clark  is brimming with exquisite photos and facts to tempt the curious mind to embark... Continue Reading →

Isaac Asimov, the science fiction novelists, reportedly once said that *The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the once that heralds new discoveries, is not "Eureka!" but "That's funny!" The theme in this blogpost is "That's beautiful!" Beauty can be a great inspiration and a powerful motivator.  In the last years several articles have... Continue Reading →

Fill your eyes with all the stunning colours and natural splendour. Take deep breathe and smell the white sand and crystalline water. Then think about how far you would go to save this. A visit to the  Great Barrier Reef is a life-changing experience. One of the natural wonders of the world. Photo By Ciambue... Continue Reading →

What does it feel like to have no voice? How can we improve Animal Laws? Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes is never easy. When the other mind belongs to an animal, it requires more than compassion for the animal to help. Imagination and different ways to trick your mind to breaking old thinking patterns... Continue Reading →

Does the understanding that we have helped to cause previous mass extinctions help us to become less nonchalant about our role in the present wave of mass extinction? During the last million of years, our planet has experienced several cycles of cooling and warming. Unlike the relatively stable conditions the Earth has experienced the last... Continue Reading →

”When I gaze at a sunset sky and spend hours contemplating its marvellous ever-changing beauty, an extraordinary emotion overwhelms me. Nature in all its vastness is truthfully reflected in my sincere though feeble soul. Around me are the trees stretching up their branches to the skies, the perfumed flowers gladdening the meadow, the gentle grass-carpetted... Continue Reading →

Searching for bright spots in the woods where the pale winter lights dance through the trees and kiss our cheeks not only brings comfort it also gives us strength to face challenges. The smell of frost, the sounds of a stream, and the scenery of a frosty winter forest provides relaxation. Natural stimulation brings comfort... Continue Reading →

Ice circles are a rare and beautiful looking as well as sounding phenomenon. The ice circles in the photos are from Sävar in the northern part of Sweden.  The circles look perfect as if they have been made by a ceramist. If you listen you can hear the sound of the river or the sea... Continue Reading →

A giant iceberg, with an area equivalent to Trinidad and Tobago, is ready to break off from the Antarctic shelf. Why should I care? Photo:  Iceberg Arctic By AWeith The ice shelf, known as Larsen C, is predicted to be one of the largest break-offs ever recorded.  If the sheet collapses it will marginally cause... Continue Reading →

The October air is raw and filled with goodbyes. Goodbye green leaves and warm summer evenings. Reluctantly I say welcome to spicy scent of colourful leaves and the shy October light. The forest is coming to a standstill and animals are preparing for the colder weather. Autumn is a busy time for many animals as... Continue Reading →

" We must stop ignoring their gaze and closing our heart to their pleas. We can easily do what they ask - to stop causing them unnecessary pain, suffering, loneliness, sadness, and death, even extinction. " Mark Bekoff Imagine that you are suggesting at a dinner party that bees have feelings and that you are... Continue Reading →

Shape Matters! What if we could transform our thinking and use less material and more clever shapes? What if we could build things of whatever flies around like a spider ? Photo Greenstone Girl All spiders produce silk but not all spiders use it to produce webs. Different spices of web-building spiders spin different patterns.... Continue Reading →

How devoted are politicians to saving the bird that has become emblem of devoted love? Photo Yuvalr European turtle doves form strong bonds and the rather small dove with the wedge-shaped tail with a dark centre and white borders and tips is a threatened species. The UK turtle dove population is halving every six years... Continue Reading →

Creating a closed loop economy for the fashion industry! An industry where the textiles are biodegradable and also serve as nutrients for future textiles and products. Biodesign is an exciting approach to design and fabrication. The term refers to the incorporation of living organism as essential components in design. The underlying idea is that the... Continue Reading →

How do animals respond to climate change? Well, birds may tell their offsprings that it is hot outside the egg. Photo: A male Zebra Finch, Jim Bendon Beep, meep, oi! or a-ha!. Zebra finches are loud singers who are native to central Australia, Indonesia and East Timor. They inhabit grasslands as well as forests usually... Continue Reading →

How far would you travel to see a cloud? And what would you see? Gavin Pretor-Pinney  travelled halfway across the world to the middle of nowhere to see the morning glory. From the English countryside to the Australian outback. Morning glory is a spectacular cloud that looks like elongated cotton tubes. The cloud stretches horizontally... Continue Reading →

Roofs can be transformed into a buzzing meadow! Mosses and lichens will grow naturally on most roofs, but a green roof is intentionally designed to support various grasses and flowers. Green roofs can provide a wonderful place for local wildlife. Green roofs are of course an old tradition. Below is a photo of a traditional... Continue Reading →

A world filled with contrasts. Imagine a meadow filled with roses!  Photo: By Gavin McWilliam The Savill Garden is an enclosed part of  Windsor Great Park in England. The garden was created in the 1930s by Eric Savill and you find woodland, ornamental areas with a range of different gardens such as the New Zealand... Continue Reading →

Tanking sunshine and surfing on waves. Photo: By Alpsdake (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (,via Wikimedia Commons The political climate in the UK has been tumultuous the last weeks and today the new Prime Minister Theresa May decided to abolish the Department for Energy and Climate Change. Worrying sign! I had hoped that she would... Continue Reading →

For some mysterious reason, at least to me,  more all less all images have disappeared from the blog. I am working on this problem and hopefully the problem will soon be solved. Flickr Chris Heald  

Like a fairy dancing over the meadow or the pond, the delicate dragonfly spends most of its life  under water. Flickr: S Hooper Dragonfly in Malaysia The second stage of their life cycle, the nymph stage, lasts between one and five years and the beautiful dragonfly turns after the egg stage into a ferocious and... Continue Reading →

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